Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 12: Wednesday, May 7th


Today was our second and final day at our service site.  We began our day by playing with the kids for an hour or so. I was with the five year olds today and we worked on a house project and watched a bit of Happy Feet.  We also went outside and played on the playground for a bit before we had to move on.  The three of us then went and visited with the school psychologist and we chatted with her about her role at the facility.  For lunch we ate with the kids in the cafeteria and left for home visits.  We were able to do two home visits and went to other homes, but the parents were not there. We also stopped back at the Soy place to pick up some items and bought some natural products from the clinic. We ended our day by thanking the leaders and saying goodbye to the kids. We also celebrated Keigan's graduation tonight with a lovely strawberry cake! Below are pictures of the school building and of the clinic.

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