Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day Four


Today we first went to Equipo Maiz and learned about the popular history of El Salvador.  We learned so much today.  I was very interested in the political role of the United States in prolonging the war.  I was also very interested in the effects of the fairly recent dollarization of El Salvador currency.  Many humans rights issues arose during this presentation and narrative of history.  There is much work to be done from a social work perspective and much has been accomplished.  Despite all of the challenges and hardships this small country has faced, it is very inspiring learning about the strength and determination of its people.

We next arrived at the San Miguelito Market and split into groups.  We each received pieces of paper with items on them that we needed to locate and buy.  The food we bought will be used later in the week.  This was an economic exercise for us to comprehend how much food costs in comparison to the average amount people make.  The market was very interesting and I was able to use my Spanish.

We spent a good portion and most of the rest of our day in the town of Suchitoto.  We ate lunch and met with Sister Peggy at the Art Center for Peace.  She is a very inspiring and full of life and I enjoyed listening to her testimony.  She is an admirable agent for social change, social justice, and for human rights.  We visited the museum on site and learned more about the town and what the war was like in this town.  We went shopping for a few hours and ate dinner at a nearby restaurant.

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